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Julie Audet
FirmALT Divorce - Audet Professional Corporation
Address964, rue Notre-Dame Street
P.O. Box 749
Embrun, Ontario, K0A 1W0

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Since I started law school, family law was always my passion. I have practiced family law since I started to work as a lawyer in 1999, after graduating from the University of Ottawa and completed articling positions with a national law firm and the Federal Court of Appeal. After 10 years of practice, it became clear to me that the adversarial court process was devastating for families and children, both financially and emotionally. That’s when I decided to further my knowledge in this field and successfully completed a Family Law Master Degree with the University of York. In the context of my Masters, I studied how other family courts and family law professionals throughout the world were doing things differently and less confrontationally for families. What I discovered prompted me to complete my mediation as well as my collaborative family law trainings, the two divorce processes that I now practice exclusively.

After seeing for myself the incredible benefits that families enjoyed by choosing mediation and collaborative family law as opposed to courts and adversarial processes, it became my mission to create and offer to all of my family clients a process where all the needs of their family would be addressed, including their emotional needs and those of their children. I am dedicated to helping my clients resolve all issues stemming from their separation collaboratively, and to "divorce with dignity". This is what motivated me to create ALT Divorce.
I am also a co-founder of Family Law in a Box, a web-based family law information and resource center whose mission is to empower people with the knowledge and guidance they need to resolve their separation and divorce on their own, and at an affordable cost. My passion for family law has also led me to write and publish a book on the subject (L'essentiel du droit de la famille dans les provinces et territoires de common law au Canada), to teach family law at the University of Ottawa for several years, to be a guest speaker in various family law conferences throughout Ontario, and to become involved in various court-connected committees whose mission is to improve family law justice for all.

I am fluently bilingual and offer my services in both official languages. I have an office in Ottawa Centre as well as in Embrun, Ontario.